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Panda Plumbing and Heating Ltd. uses the plumbing flat rate book.  These rates are designed to save the customer money.  Flat rates also ensure that the individual doing the work is not taking any extra trips to the supply store or draggin his feet just to charge you more.  Customers should not have to pay for that extra trip to the supply store just because a fitting was forgotten. 

Not all work however can be flat rated.  Any work that is required outside of the flat rate will be charged by the hour.  No work will be done without customer approval.  The goal is to save you, the customer, money and at the same time grow our business so that we can offer you even better deals down the road.   


Monday to friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays: CLOSED


Most jobs will be flat rated. (does not apply to afterhours calls)
Hourly jobs will be $120/hour.
5pm-10pm will be $180/hour.
10pm-8am will be $240/hour.
Weekend work will be $180/hour.
Holidays will be $240/hour.
All after hours calls are charged mileage from Cynthia round trip, and the hourly starts from Cynthia.
Quotes are good for 30 days from the date given and are plus GST. Flat rate for truck rate if applicable will be charged out at $60.  Any freight charges for material required to complete the requested job will be paid by the customer.  


Plumbing, hydronic heating, forced air heating, gasfitting, boiler and tankless unit service, design, service, and new installations, water treatment, consultation amd design services. 

You can call us, text us, email us, or use our online order form to book us.  All jobs are billed on the spot, and payment is due upon receipt.   Check out our contact page for our info.




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